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Thoroughly Compare Home Epilators!

Household epilators are useful items for waste hair complex. Due to the recession, home epilators, which are cheaper than going to an epilation salon, are gaining popularity. The three most popular ones are flash hair removal, laser hair removal, and thermicon method, and we will compare these three types here.

First, we will compare the ease of hair removal. Although flash hair removal has a large irradiation area, it is more efficient in removing a large area than other hair removal areas. On the other hand, laser hair removal has a smaller processing area per treatment than flash hair removal, so it takes a little more work. With an irradiation area of ​​1 cm x 1 cm, it will take time to remove the whole hair. With the Thermicon method, the process is performed as if you were stroking your skin like a shaver, so it is fast on flat areas, but it becomes a little difficult to do with fingers with many irregularities. It may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin as it has to be slid over the skin multiple times.

In terms of running costs, slash hair removal requires cartridge replacement, and running costs are slightly higher than other home epilators. The next most expensive is the thermicon method, and the one that has no running cost is the laser epilator for home use. However, in case of battery type, battery replacement price is required.

Compared in terms of less pain, the Thermicon method cuts hair with high frequency, so there is no pain, and flash hair removal that irradiates light seems to vary from person to person, but it seems a little pain. Laser hair removal is the most painful type of all. Keep in mind, however, that pain can vary widely from person to person. Flash hair removal is basically done by connecting a power source to an outlet, but laser hair removal and thermicon methods are rechargeable types, so the advantage is that they can be used for travel. Choose the one that suits your style at each point. Household epilators are used for a long time, so it is recommended that you make a proper comparison so that you will not regret it.