What is Foreign Currency MMF?

Foreign currency MMF is a secret popularity.
The interest rates of banks are so low that they may have been investing in foreign currency MMFs, etc. in order not to make them sleep only.
Moreover, a few years ago, baby boomers all retired at once.
Foreign currency MMF seems to be popular as a method of operating the retirement allowance.

So what is the foreign currency MMF?
The official name is foreign currency denominated MMF.
MMF is an abbreviation for money market fund, and in Japanese it is called money market commodity investment trust.
In other words, it is a kind of investment trust.
Please note that an investment trust may lose its principal in some cases.
However, it is said that the risk is lower than other asset management.
Foreign currency MMF, as the name implies, is an investment trust that operates in foreign currency.
The products we handle are low-risk products such as high-quality companies and government bonds, and professional investment professionals carry out transactions, so investors just need to deposit them.
Then, the profit made by the investment is distributed to investors as a distribution.
You can also benefit from foreign exchange gains.
Popular foreign currencies are US dollars and Australian dollars.

This is a foreign currency MMF with less risk, but it does not return much.
It is recommended for people who want to increase their funds little by little, not for those who want to increase their funds immediately.