Ojyosama Amazon

Can you buy the lady’s enzyme on Amazon?

Recently, I wanted to try an enzyme drink called Lady’s Enzyme, so I searched on Amazon, but it didn’t seem to sell… It wasn’t sold out, and it didn’t seem to be handled by Amazon in the first place. Since various products are sold at discounted prices from the beginning at Amazon, I searched for it because I thought that the lady’s enzyme was also cheap, but it seems that it was not so sweet (laugh) I also checked other I tried, but the cheapest one seems to be the official website. It is usually sold for 4980 yen, but since it is currently in a campaign, the price was reduced to 3980 yen. There is a difference of about 1000 yen. However, since it is a campaign price, there is no guarantee that it will be sold at this price as it is.