Otona Nikibi

Causes of Adult Acne and How To Cure Adult Acne

It is said that acne that develops during adolescence is caused by a disorder in hormone balance due to secondary sex characteristics. What is the cause of acne that develops as an adult?

Adolescent acne is difficult to prevent due to its characteristics, but adult acne can be prevented to some extent.

In addition, there are differences in the areas where acne can occur, and during adolescence mainly in the T zone and cheeks, adult acne can form not only on the face, but on the neck, back, buttocks, and the entire body.

It is said that not only excessive secretion of sebum but also various causes such as stress, disturbance of eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and makeup are involved in the causes of adult acne.

Adolescence is a disorder of hormone balance due to secondary sex characteristics, but it is said that the disorder of hormone balance in adulthood is often due to excessive stress.

The imbalance of hormones increases the secretion of sebum and makes it easier for acne.

In addition, eating habits will be disturbed due to an increase in business relationships and eating out.

It is said that acne has a vegetable-based diet, but it is difficult to have a diet centered on vegetables such as fast food, alcohol, and instant food.

Face washing is indispensable for acne that has been made and for its prevention.

It is important to wash your face gently and gently, and it is good to use a mild facial cleanser.

It is also very important to remove makeup.

It is important not only to wash your face, but also to wash your shampoo and conditioner from your body thoroughly, to make sure that there is no leftover wipe after bathing, and to perform proper skin care such as moisturizing.

It is recommended to use peeling and acne medicine for treatment, but there are various kinds of medicine, so choose according to your symptoms and skin.

Regular life and eating habits are the best preventative medicines.

Focus on foods that are good for the skin, and supplement the missing nutrients with supplements.