For people who live in Kobe, there is a great job for customs. That’s the sexual cabaret. You may often see Miss Kaba walking in the cityscape of Kobe, but there are many Miss Kaba who are working at Sekukyaba instead of Cabakura.

 Even if you know cabaret clubs, there are many people who do not know sexual cabaret, so this time let’s focus on the sexual cabaret work that you can experience in Kobe. First of all, from the concept of cabaret clubs, the main purpose of your work is to have a pleasant conversation with customers while drinking alcohol. But Secky Caba has a completely different style.

 First of all, the inside of the store looks like a mere cabaret club at first glance, but compared to other cabaret clubs in Kobe, the inside of the store is dim overall, and you can see that the background music is playing loud. And when it comes time to do a part-time job at Secky Caba, I will mainly touch the body. Originally, it is impossible to touch the body in a cabaret club, but if you work part-time at a sex cabaret, you will receive a pounding body touch.

 In other words, Sekkyaba is such a sex shop. So it is not recommended for people who are uncomfortable to touch. However, Secky Caba doesn’t place much more emphasis on conversation than cabaret clubs, so you can make a lot of money without using your head. So if you can put up with it, you will definitely be able to work part-time more easily than cabaret clubs.